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We are looking for weekly feature contributions. If you would like to contribute please contact karen@probeauty.co.za. If you are a supplier and have a had a launch or have some exciting news that is industry related, we would like to mention it in our news section.
Call for Medical Aesthetic Contributions Do you work in an aesthetic practice? Are you an aesthetic doctor? Are you a product supplier to the aesthetic industry? The Medical Aesthetic website is looking for contributions for the newsletters on the below topics. If you are interested please don’t forget to let me have your name and contact details, submit all your information to karen@probeauty.co.za Stretch Marks and Scarring- Deadline 10 April 2015 In this feature I will be taking a broad look at what is available to treat scarring and stretch marks effectively. Please use the below guidelines for submitting your information. What in your opinion is the best treatment for stretch marks and scars? How often would the treatment be applied, please explain the protocol? How long before the patient can expect results? Do you recommend any specific cosmeceutical ingredients that can be useful when treating scars? Photo ageing – New trends, products and equipment Deadline 1 May 2015 Do you have a new product, equipment, or professional treatment that addresses photo ageing? Please forward me the details and product images.
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